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8 Suspects (2024)


At the end of the Japanese colonial period in 1944, a Korean film director is murdered, and Korean lawyer Chan Keun, with the help of mystery writer So Yoon, gathers eight suspects into a court and begins an investigation. Chan Keun names eight young elites with various occupations, including a dentist, a young businessman, a cafe owner, a telephone operator, and an architectural designer, as suspects and brings them together in one room. Now, they must prove their innocence with their own alibis. However, as time passes, one by one, they become poisoned by an unknown poison and collapse… They soon realize that they cannot escape this space. The time given is only 3 hours! If they don’t find the real culprit, everyone will die! Between time and alibi gradually rushing towards the end! Is it true or false that they must risk their lives to protect? At the end of the Japanese colonial period, in 1944, a huge conspiracy surrounding Joseon’s independence is revealed…

Also known as: 8inui Yonguijadeul


Status: Ongoing

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